We are proud to present a new phase of entertainment, such has been essentially formulated to bring credence, recognition and value, to wide array of the multi faceted talents, which has always, emanates the Caribbean communities.

Many of which have gone unrecognized, purposely ignored or not respected for generations.

Our aim is to boldly present a variety of programming involving this rich heritage in Music, Drama, Culture & Arts, as well as Religion, featuring Music from Trinidad & Tobago’s along with other Islands.

Much emphasis will be concentrated on Jamaican entertainment prior to the vast differences reflected in their musical trends and transitions over the years, emanating from Rock Steady, Reggae, to the development of the Dance Hall sensation, that’s has captivated the hearts of people of every race across the globe…similarly, the gripping effect of the cultures, in  theater and drama performances, that has filled our hearts with warmth and great  laughter for decades.